TENCON 2013 was hold in Xi’an

       Hosted by Northwestern Polytechnical University and IEEE Xi'an Branch, it was held on October 23rd in Shaanxi Hotel. It was presided over by Professor Li Jiandong, Vice President of Xidian University. Professor Yuan Jianping, Vice President of Northwestern Polytechnical University attended the meeting and delivered a welcome speech. More than 200 experts and scholars from various countries and regions attended the meeting, and invited Vice President of Han Kaixing of Shaanxi Association of Science and Technology, Professor Howard E. Michel of IEEE 2014 and Professor Toshio Fukuda of IEEE Asia Pacific. Co-organizers include: National Natural Science Foundation of China, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Chang'an University.

       The IEEE Xi'an Branch won the sponsorship of TENCON 2013 and received strong support from IEEE R10. It took more than a year to prepare and was finally held as scheduled.

       Chairman of the IEEE Xi'an Branch, Chairman of TENCON 2013, Professor Huang Jianguo of the School of Navigation and the Chairman of the TENCON Technical Committee, and thousands of people from our school plan to introduce talents. Professor Chen Jingdong from the School of Navigation, on behalf of the organizing committee, welcomed the representatives and introduced the essay Progress in reviewing, drafting, and preparation.

       Professor Toshio Fukuda from the IEEE Asia Pacific Region, from Nagoya University, Japan, gave a new research report titled “Mutli-scale Robotics”.

       Professor Søren Holdt Jensen from Aalborg University in Denmark gave an academic report on “Subspace-based speech enhancement via diagonal and triangular matrix decompositions”.

       Dr. Cao Junzheng of China State Grid made an academic report entitled “DC grid and key technology for future smart grid development”.

       On the evening of October 25th, all the delegates attended the awards ceremony of the conference at the Fengming Jiutian Theatre in Datang Furong Garden.

       After the award ceremony, the delegates watched the large-scale historical dance drama of "Dream Back to the Tang Dynasty". The 2013 IEEE Asia Pacific (TENCON 2013) conference ended successfully.